In this episode of the Shine Your Light Podcast we talk all things holistic with Tara from Bespoke Yoga in Darlington

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Name & Business: Bespoke Yoga

Contact No: 07974677793

Tell us a bit about you and your business:

Literally as I’ve named my business Bespoke Yoga that’s what I aim to deliver a fusion of Hatha Yoga, somatic yoga that enables people to move more functionally. To give people the tools to live a pain free life as much as possible whether that be physical or emotional & spiritually.

What’s going on with you right now?

I’m preparing myself for some training which will enable me to qualify in somatic yoga so I’ reading lots st the moment.

What are you most passionate about/What brings you joy?

I love my lesson planning I like to be creative. I get so much satisfaction when I see how someone enters my class and then see the transformation at the end.

Laughter brings me joy, life can be so frenetic so I try not to take things so seriously now..hasn’t always been the case! My family brings me joy, my husband, my children, my dog.

Which 3 things/factors would you say most contribute to feeling good?

1.Acceptance of who you are,

2.surround yourself with people that are your people, that make you feel happy

3.having a purpose in life, have goals/dreams.

Tell us about your routine or part of your routine you could not be without:

I could not be without my “green time” my walks with my dog in nature. I find this very grounding & nourishing for me . Also I use this time to chat with my children I love the way they talk so freely away from technology.

I never watch the news before bed .i have notepad next to my bed so I do a sort of end of day report… reflect what went could I improve or make something work better, make notes of things I need to do the next day etc so my mind is free to sleep better.

Reflection is a powerful tool helps you to move forward more productively.

Are there any books that have made a big impact on your life?

Geoff Thompson’s books, read all of them, Dalai Lama “the art of happiness” Deepak Chopra perfect health & super brain

What is your favourite quote?:

“Once you get good at excuses you get good at nothing else”

How can our listeners get more information/contact you?

Facebook page